Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year

Time flies so fast. Now it's already 6th Jan of 2015. 2015. This year, a meaningful event will occur in my life. This year, I'm gonna graduate, finish my 3 year degree life in UTAR. After I graduate, there will be no more uni life. Anyhow, it's still too early to talk about this. Haha..

So during the the first day of 2015, I had went to KL to shop (mainly for myself, gotta buy some cny clothes for myself this year since this sem break I cant go back hometown and shop with my mum, coz I'm stuck here in kampar doing my FYP..oh, and also to buy some presents for my friends), eat, and relax. What really fascinated me about this trip is the fabulous food I've eaten in a new restaurant spotted in Pavilion. The restaurant is called Pigs & Wolf. It serves mainly pork meat. The prices of the food and beverages there are quite affordable and very yummy too.  I had the spaghetti called The Wolf's Favourite. It was very delicious, very creamy with lots of bacon and also a pouched egg and mushroom too. It costs me RM29, for me it was totally worth my money as it was very delicious, the second tastiest pasta I had ever tasted. My first choice belongs to TGI Friday's cajun shrimp and chicken paste of course!

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