Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year

Time flies so fast. Now it's already 6th Jan of 2015. 2015. This year, a meaningful event will occur in my life. This year, I'm gonna graduate, finish my 3 year degree life in UTAR. After I graduate, there will be no more uni life. Anyhow, it's still too early to talk about this. Haha..

So during the the first day of 2015, I had went to KL to shop (mainly for myself, gotta buy some cny clothes for myself this year since this sem break I cant go back hometown and shop with my mum, coz I'm stuck here in kampar doing my FYP..oh, and also to buy some presents for my friends), eat, and relax. What really fascinated me about this trip is the fabulous food I've eaten in a new restaurant spotted in Pavilion. The restaurant is called Pigs & Wolf. It serves mainly pork meat. The prices of the food and beverages there are quite affordable and very yummy too.  I had the spaghetti called The Wolf's Favourite. It was very delicious, very creamy with lots of bacon and also a pouched egg and mushroom too. It costs me RM29, for me it was totally worth my money as it was very delicious, the second tastiest pasta I had ever tasted. My first choice belongs to TGI Friday's cajun shrimp and chicken paste of course!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Merry Christmas

This year's Christmas gave me a totally different feeling. Usually, Christmas, for me, is just like any other ordinary day as I'm not a Christian, so I do not celebrate Christmas at all. However, this year, I celebrated and spent Christmas Day with my close friends here in Kampar. We had a funny idea of staying at Grand Kampar hotel on the 25th Dec. Supposingly we should stayed there during Christmas Eve but all of us are too busy with FYP so we decided to stay on Christmas day instead. 

On Christmas Eve, we went all the way to Tualang to have our Christmas Eve dinner. Ate Chinese cuisine because Kampar has no nice western restaurant and we were too lazy to drive to Ipoh.

Fried Sotong my favourite!!

Fan shu ye

Ermm..forgot what is it, so I'll just call it pork meat

Salted egg Paku! This is my first time eating paku cooked with salted egg..tasted very nice!

Our routine activity, selfie

Another routine, group photo

On the next day, we checked in Grand Kampar hotel. we had purposely bought some balloons to decorate the hotel room and even borrowed a bicycle pump just to pump the balloons!

Preparation: Pumping balloonssss


The forever pretty Yi Kuan

The Always-Cute Pui Shi

She wore so nice just for photo-taking session purpose. But, still looked gorgeous

The only guy joining us 4 girls. However, that did not stop us from having a hell lotsa fun!

Perfect group photo! love it!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

What's Cooking??

Yesterday was Sunday, which means I practically had nothing to do at all. So I wasted my whole day watching movies, lying down on bed, daydreaming. But, I also did some beneficial things such as cleaning my whole room (floor, toilet, table, fan, etc) and i did some cooking too to fill up my forever hungry stomach. After that during night time, started to plan my FYP, plan what I'm supposed to do on Monday

Anyhow, I did mentioned about me cooking right? Well, today I had cooked tomato rice (again) for lunch. The tomato rice tasted even nicer because I had added a little sesame oil, the rice smell so nice! As for dinner, I had made Caesar salad and my own recipe of kolok mee

For Caesar salad, I added eggs. Hence, boiled 2 eggs for two person serving
I used butterhead lettuce instead. I think people usually use Romaine lettuce.

And this...this is the most important ingredient which made my salad very very yummy, the Kewpie Dressing Caesar

After mixing together the eggs, lettuce and the salad dressing..CAESAR SALAD!!
It might not look appealing, but the taste was definitely awesome

Self-cooked Kolok Mee. Just stir fry the marinated minced pork meat and add the meat together with the spinach noodle. The noodles were added with Maggi seasoning sauce and a bit sesame oil

Thursday, 18 December 2014

New Cafe in Town

Just came back from supper with my friends. Tonight we  enjoyed ourselves very much, Firstly, we had Domino's Pizza as our dinner. Then after that, we went to cinema to watch Paddington. It's quite a nice movie, Paddington is sorta cute, but I still think Ted is cuter..haha. The ticket price was surprisingly cheap, only RM9. I thought it's usually RM11. After we finished watching the movie, around 11pm like that, we decided to try out the food and drinks at the new cafe in new tow, It's called A&C Espresso. 

The atmosphere is not bad, with all the beautiful Christmas decoration. But the drinks and food honestly, for me is so so only. Despite that, we still manage to take lots of pictures, and had great laugh chatting with each other. I even laugh too loud till my friend asked me to calm down and lower down my voice =.=

Nice golden reindeers!

Hot Dark Chocolate Drink

Ice Blended Chocolate

Peppermint Mousse..I think the Snowman is very cute, made of white and brown chocolate

Close-up of the cake, taste quite nice but a bit pricy, one slice @ RM11.90

My Valentine..This is one of their signature drinks, ice cream at the bottom, hot choco at the top..A sweet and chocolatey taste

Matcha latte..Not all of us enjoy this drink, maybe because we're not  big fan of MATCHA

Ice Blended Hazelnut Chocolate
Ice Lemon Honey

Their Mixy Waffle..would have taste better if they put more chocolate syrup or put some filling into the waffle

Look what's behind me, the reindeers again!

I've forgotten all the prices of the food and beverages there, The price range is around RM8.90 - RM12.90..It's worth to try. I think I'll come back for more, because I still not yet try their coffee series

Saturday, 13 December 2014



Okay, now back to study...

Can't stop coughing..My lungs hurt..Help me =(

Happy 21st Birthday Kah Mun!

Today my friend and I went out for a simple lunch and then we had surprised one of our friend with a tiramisu birthday cake. Her actual birthday is on 15/12 but we celebrated her advanced birthday because she will go back to her hometown today since she had finished her last examination paper

Well actually, this is not such a surprise already because when we were in the car heading to the restautant, one of our friends accidentally mentioned about our other friends from another car had go and collect the cake..Things got quite awkward at that So we just decided to keep quiet after that. But, I think there's no difference whether we did spilled out the surprise or not coz Kah Mun surely will know what's up when we invited her to lunch today since recently we had helped celebrate so many friends' birthdays

The birthday girl, Kah Mun! Finally 21 years old!

Group photos! Everyone look awesome, with all those bright smiles, mostly because most of them had done with their finals

So I guess that's all for today..Now...continue study again =(

Friday, 12 December 2014

Study Study Study

It's the time again..FINAL EXAM..My next paper which is Intro To Forensic Science will be on 16/12, next Tuesday. My progress with the revision is not as smooth as planned. As usual, procastination controlled me =( I really wish I can stay focus to something I'm doing. I wish I'm the type of person who can study for one whole hour, instead of studying for 5 minutes then doing other things for the next half an hour. Well, i guess, from what I've learned from Organisational Behaviour, there's something wrong with my individual behaviour. I've no problem in my ability but my motivation and role perception as a student are very very poor. The intensity and persistence of my effort are way low. I have a goal (get excellent result, perhaps a Dean list recognition if possible) but I don't have a clear role perception on what should I do. I didn't manage my time well, keep on procastinating. Anyhow, I'll try to change this attitude of mine. Wish me luck!